Great conversations these last two days, I guess the ABBC thing isn’t as cut and dried as I thought. Ok, I have been a passenger sitting in an RV driving across the US for 8 of the last 13 days. Now my philosophical side is emerging.  Maybe it is because John is getting stressed as random lights come on the dash such as; “check engine” or “battery” or “ABS system”. Maybe it is in response to trying get a vegetarian meal while traveling across the southern states (don’t get me started about dining at “Bucks” with all of the hunters on Monday night).  Whatever the reason, here are some of my random thoughts while trekking across North American on our way home.


I believe there are answers for every question or problem you may have, provided you keep asking yourself the right questions, in the right way.


I believe inner peace is the most valuable gift you can give yourself and meditation is the most underrated process in the world.


I believe we soon think, value, speak, model and ultimate become very similar to the five people we spend the most time around. 


Even though I am a proud Canadian, I also love the USA. I love the dramatic differences in scenery from the rainforest type climate of Washington State to the deserts of Arizona and all of those beaches! I love the climate options of living in a place that has four seasons a year or the choosing the same one all year around. I love Hawaii and am so grateful you can go and enjoy the escape of a tropical island while still being within the security of the USA.


I also really admire the pride American’s take in doing things to their absolute best. 


However I do wish all of America would embrace the need to recycle. Once you have been raised with it (as we are in Canada), it becomes almost painful to throw a plastic bottle into a trash can. Even if it was started at every agility trial you go to. Lynda and I often do it when we go to trials or when I hold camps in Florida.  We hang out recycling bags and take them to the nearest depot or if none available, take them home with us. At home John and I not only recycle glass, plastic and paper, we also have a composte recycling bin in an effort to reduce the volume of trash that gets picked up every week and taken to landfill. It is all about energy being reused somewhere else in life, rather than being buried in the ground for all of eternity. 


What is the best feeling in the world? I have been sitting her trying to decide what could qualify for the world’s best feeling. My criteria to earn the award of “The Worlds Best Sensation” is that anyone can attain it, from children on up. There are no barriers to gender, marital or financial status. 


I think the feeling of relief you get when you thought someone or something was lost to you forever and then you find out it

Laughing with my sisters many Christmases ago. Baby sis, Mary-Lynn in middle, big sis Vicki in front

Laughing with my sisters many Christmases ago. Baby sis, Mary-Lynn (now in Vancouver) in middle, big sis Vicki (now in Marietta, Ga) in front and me in the back.

 was a mistake is a good one. Like to hear a loved one was killed but then it was a false report (a newspaper once reported that my sister had been killed, luckily she saw it first and told us about it!). But to experience that best feeling, you would first have to experience one of worst feelings of your life, so that can’t be considered the best.

I guess winning a major Championship or cheering for your favorite team that wins the Super Bowl would be up there, but that would eliminate all non sports fans from the possibility of experiencing the best feeling in the world.

I imagine witnessing the birth of your own child would rank up there but since I don’t have any first hand experience (nor intend on doing any investigative research to answer this question) I can’t comment. So here is what I think is the best feeling in the world.

To me there is no better feeling in the world then the relief you get from the pain that leaves your body after you have laughed so hard that you could no longer catch your breath.


You got one better?  What do you think is the best feeling or sensation or the best anything,  in the world. Keep it PG 13 people!


Today I am grateful that we will be home sometime today or tomorrow.