Hey, I heard from Ken Tatsch at the USDAA office. Thanks for all of your posts, he read them and is going to look further into the possibility of a ABBC class. Consideration is a great first step!


Now it is November, all my big agility events for this year have come and gone, it is down time for me. Time to set new goals. My next big event is the IFCS World Championships next May, 6 months from now. Since I competed in this event in 2006, I have managed to gain almost 20 lbs! 


Some of us have really valid reason as to the “why” of our weight blip. We may have been fighting an injury that has curbed our ability to workout, or we became a vegan and struggled with the transition or have been living in a tiny apartment for 18 months while building a new house causing an  amazing amounts of stress eating. Or all of the above! The truth is we gain weight because we like food too much (possibly the wrong type of food) and we don’t move around enough!


I have always been a person that makes excellent choices, food-wise. Even before becoming a vegan I ate tons of fresh veggies every day (never canned and rarely frozen). I haven’t had any form of caffeine for more than 20 years. I gave up soft drinks about 10 years ago, never eat at fast

A much trimmer 124 lb Susan & DeCaff

A much trimmer 124 lb Susan running DeCaff at the USDAA finals in 2007

 foods restaurants. Don’t like heavy cream sauces (even before I was vegan) and as much as I loved it, I haven’t eaten chocolate in 8 years. On top of all of that I L-O-V-E to exercise!


One may wonder how all that adds up to a continued battle with my weight? The truth is I am 5’ 2” tall and have the appetite of someone 6’2” tall. I also happen to really love cookies and beer. Not necessarily together but individually they would be responsible for growth of my butt.


Today I start fresh. I weighed in at 142 lbs, when this picture was taken I was 124 lbs. I wish it was just my dyslexia that caused the problem but sadly it is not! Although 124 lbs sounds like a lot of someone that is only 5’2″ tall and very small boned, I do carry a lot of muscle so that is pretty fit for me.


So any of you wanting to join me? I know it is a bad week for my American friends heading into Thanksgiving week, but maybe it is a good time to get focused, starting now by setting new goals will help you behave yourself at the dinner table this week!


My goal is to lose those 18 extra pounds over the next 12 weeks.  That will take me to mid Februrary, giving me the spring to work my teamwork with my new bode with my dogs before the IFCS Worlds starting May 14th.  


I have hooked up with a vegan-athlete nutritionist (yes there is such a thing) who has given me an awesome eating plan. Get this she told me to let her know if the weight came off “too fast.”  Can there be such a thing?  


Today I am grateful for the excitement I get when setting new goals.