Those words should never be uttered out of anyone’s mouth once we get this monster list of rolling. Don’t be shy there are no wrong answers. What do you do with your puppy?  What skills do you teach your young dog. I don’t mean tricks (although if you have any tricks to add, check and see if it made our list of 100 tricks first and then if not, send it on).

On my puppy 100 are things like shaping the dog into a swimming pool, then a bath tub, it will include necessary things like enjoying nail trimming and grooming.  But there are the skills that make for a great family pet like retrieving to hand or sitting to go out a door. There are five of the 100 that are on my list.  

My list of skills include crazy ones like holding things in your mouth so I can take great Christmas card photos like this vintage ones of my now past dogs.  This was long before photoshop, look at the lit cigarette in Stoni’s mouth.  I used to stage and take all of these photos by myself. You absolutely need coorporative dogs to do that!Christmas Card mid '90s


Beach party, mid '90's.



So keep all of your suggestions coming. What else you got out there? I would love to hear from each of you, lets create a list that will benefit everyone in the stratosphere that owns a dog or is thinking about getting a dog!

Today I am grateful for the wonderful fall weather we have been blessed with so far this week at Greg & Laura’s workshops.