Ten days of teaching down, here in British Columbia, one to go! I am here in Kelowna where I teach a One Jump workshop today. I just have to give a shout out0192 to all of the people that came out to the workshops in Vancouver. You guys made teaching very easy. I don’t want to sound like am blowing smoke up anyone’s skort, but this trip has been nothing short of amazing! Even though the weather was unbelievably bad (notice how bundled up people are in the photo), I barely noticed the cold when I was teaching . . . okay I did huddle around the propane heater any chance I got. All of the workshops participants were fantastic. Everyone embraced all that I had to say and were  open to try anything I threw at them. Not only were they keen to learn, they gave the dogs and I presents! Seriously, one of the participant painted this amazing portrait of Encore, really special. Encore was also the recipient of a gorgeous leather collar that I have admired for a while now from a long time student that drove up from LA. Feature got her favourite, a new frizzer, while Encore (she was a bit spoiled this go around) got a new mini Jolly ball (the focus of all of her obsessions).  Thank you to everyone for your thoughtfulness and western hospitality. I have to extend a special thanks to Kim & Rob who were a huge help, between them and their posse, they supplied everything I needed. A big thanks to Nina D who Lynda O-H crowned my Vancouver Executive Assistant.  Lots of laughs, lots of fun. I think the take away for everyone continues to be, to do the little things greatly so the great things become little. Back to foundation, funny how nothing can replace it:). The last day was so cold that Encore had the day off and just stayed in Rob & Kim’s warm RV. Feature did all of the demoing so I didn’t have the extra worry of with having to train and extra dog while I taught. On top of everything, West Jet just rocked with the dogs. I can’t say enough good things about this airline. They really do go above and beyond, I am considering only doing seminars in towns I can fly to with West Jet!

So one day of teaching left and then a 2 day CKC trial before we head home. Starting to get a bit homesick, missing John, Buzzy & DeCaff and wondering what has happened with the house since I have been away.

Today I am grateful for the overwhelming response to my seminars here in the west. In spite of the cold, people came out every day in huge number and were keen participants, making teaching a joy. Ten days is a long time to teach, but I get energized by the enthusiasm of those coming out to learn. You guys hit it out of the park!