Reading the comments on my blog while in my hotel room last night, I came across this one from Theresa.  Theresa was just at one of the workshop a couple of days ago and what a nut. She certainly added to the atmosphere of the seminar. So here is what Theresa posted to my comment section. Definatly worth another look.

I attended the Handling Foundation Workshop on Saturday, and will add it was absolutely the very best seminar I have ever attended !!
It was a total blast, and from 9-5 it was choc-a-bloc full of Great handling exercises, and problem solving tips, and ways to create drive and maintain it, plus so much more !
Having never attended a SG seminar, I didn’t know what to expect, and can only say to anyone reading….. GO !!!
She is allot of fun, brilliant at teaching and handling, and will totally make every minute worth your wild !! ( or is it wile ?) I am already saving my pennies , nickels, AND dimes, to go to the very next one I can…Kate, are you trying to make me jealous ? (advances in dog training ) ? LOL
Stella (my pooch ) had as much fun as I did, and that say’s it all !!!!!

Thanks Susan !! YOU ROCK !!!!!!

Ok Theresa, you win, I will come to Seattle, I promise–this June, be there or be square. See that Skinner dude was right, that reinforcement crap really does work!

Today I am grateful for the awesome group of people that I have come to work with me here in Vancouver.