Whoops!  It seems all my honesty about people’s varied reactions at my seminars has some people in Vancouver a little nervous about working with me. I have gotten a couple stressed out emails from people worrying that I am going to be too hard on them. So just to make it clear, I have no flying monkeys, (little Wizard of Oz humor for you) I actually am a very empathic instructor and I promise we are going to have a blast at all of the workshops I am doing in British Columbia over the next couple of weeks. I for one can not wait, got lots of great stuff planned for all of you.

As long as I am on the subject of people emailing me I have a confession to make. When people email me and have a “quick question”  I only read the ones that do not have an active scroll bar. Anything else I am more than likely going to forward on to my staff. So if you have a quick question, I honestly will try to answer it or possibly put the answer on my blog. However if you have written enough to cause me to have to scroll, the likelihood of me reading it is inversely related to the amount of scrolling you have sent.  Now that is not always the case. Some nights I have extra time and if it is a student that has been here to Say Yes, I also will try to get through to the end.  Just a heads up for you, posting to the blog here has a better chance of me answering than emailing me at home (those emails are too easy to get lost with all the others that come in that day).

I took the girls for a big muddy walk yesterday afternoon and then got Encore and Feature all bathed up for their big west coast adventure. Poor DeCaff, I just hate leaving her behind for such a long time, Buzzy seems to have gotten used to the idea, but D-dog never will. She is a mama’s girl for sure. Breaks my heart to leave her really, but I know she is better off staying here with John where he will take her to the building every day for a “big adventure” rather than sitting in a crate for 12 days while I teach:(.

I am grateful for the fact that I didn’t have any late night packing frenzies last night.  All ready to take to the skies at 7:25 this morning!