Hey a big shout out to all that have added your ideas to yesterday’s blog on unique Tuggers. Keep them coming everyone and I will add my own later this week. I have also been getting a great response to this month’s “31 Dog Training Tips in 31 Days.”  If  you haven’t signed up yet (aaah, why not?) you can go to my website and do it today and still get the benefits of the next 14 days’ dog training tips.  Upcoming are tips on building drive, how I raise my own puppies and more on walking courses. For those that have been asking, the sign up form for the newsletter is in the top right hand corner. I am having so much fun with all of this, that I have something new planned that I will tell you all about in April. 

I don’t know what I was thinking when I planned my schedule this month. I just finished 3 days of camp yesterday, we have meetings all day tomorrow with various trades working on our new house (and those controlling the money:).  First thing Friday morning  I fly out for British Columbia where I teach  11 days of seminars starting on Saturday (oh yeah and I entered Feature & Encore in a trial while I am out there). When I get back home April 6th, I will have only 3 days before Puppy Camp! Whew, good thing I like to keep busy!  I am looking forward to heading west. My baby sister lives in Vancouver and with her young boys and my crazy busy life we really don’t get to see each other very much. It is her birthday while I am there , so I took the day off so we can have some fun. 

Funny, the theme of camp last week was all about balance, but today I realized I need to look at the lack of  balance in my own life. So I did something for me, I signed up for a four day, non dog related seminar today. Really looking forward to it, it is not until June but anticipation of something wonderful really is half the fun isn’t it!

I am so grateful for the guiding hand in my life that always steers me in the direction I need to go.