Today I am on my way to Minnesota and then on to Wisconsin. I am going to try to catch up with computer stuff while I am on the road:).  I would like to invite you to laugh out loud today. As I have mentioned in the past. I love to laugh. I keep a few video clips I keep on my computer that make me laugh and I play them every once and a while. Here is one that I have favoured on my youtube site. I have a few. John Pinette has got to be one of the best comedians ever, for his timing of delivery and facial expressions. Plus he is hysterical without being totally disgusting & crude, a very unique feature in today’s comedians. If you watch this to the end you will see how salad has become a conditioned reinforcer for John. My favourite part is when the girl scout rings his door bell.

Enjoy. Today I am grateful for the combination of my sense of humor  and lack of a great memory. IT allows me to watch the same thing over and over and laugh out loud like I had never seen it before.