Wow, we have got some awesome responses to my question. Initially, I was just going to pick a certain “number” and that was going to be the “winner” but there are some many thoughtful responses I am definitely going to have to select one (might be impossible) so it may have to be more than one, winner here. You have until Sunday when I decide. My plan is to read these answers out to a few friends (Greg & Laura Derrett are here so they are a captive audience:)) and we will pick the winner (or winners).  I apologize to those that posted their response but it didn’t show up here on the blog until this morning, I still haven’t figured out how to let all of the response be automatic so you have to wait until I officially “approve” them (which means you have to wait until I can leave camp and get to the Starbucks in order to get on line:( .  So keep ’em coming guys, your comments are all great and really worthwhile for anyone to read!  Our first camp here is almost over and it has been awesome for me!  Rather than teaching, I am working Feature in one of our groups and it has been a wonderful opportunity to get her out on a different surface with different equipment and run Greg & Laura’s tough sequences. The youngster is holding her own, and really enjoying the chance to work so much. Greg has got a new powerpoint presentation that he did on Monday night and it definitely has the “wow” factor. He is going to present it again this Sunday evening, so anyone in the Vero Beach area you really will not want to miss it, regardless of what handling system you are working in.

Today I am grateful for Starbuck’s WiFi and for Lynda Orton-Hill who drives me here and answers all of the multitude of questions coming in about “where is my DVD”. (please be patient we cannot control the mail service, I know it has been a long time but someone that ordered on the 10th just got hers today, and I am sure there are more of you out there. This is NOT the norm, I can only assume it is due to the holiday rush:))