Yep, today is the last day that you can order my Excellence in Weave Pole Training:Phase One.  That means that tomorrow we will start taking orders on our website for phase 2, my new 2-disc dvd set “Susan Garrett’s 2×2 Weave Pole Training (the product will be shipped starting Friday). 12 Poles in 12 Days. So for those of you that have been holding off paying the $14.99 US for the ebook, I have decided to walk you through what you have been missing. In this video clip I am going to show what’s in phase one and why you are going to what to grab it!  I’d love to get feedback on what you think of me appearing (or my voice anyway) on my blog (I know really geeky, but I thought it would be cool!).

Today I am grateful for some down time. Now that camps are over for a couple of weeks, John and I have some errands to run today so I am looking forward to vegging out in the car (ok I sleep actually, nothing like sleeping in a moving car, love it!).