Well I am blogging. Something I thought I would never do. My mindset approaching life as a blogger (is that a word? It sounds suspiciously rude if you ask me) is going to be the same as it was as I approached life as a vegan. I decided I would try it for one meal and then re-evaluate. Then one day, then one week and well, I am still a vegan today so maybe this will stick as well.  

Let me just say, for the record, right now, that my spelling, grammar & punctuation is likely going to suck here. I can blame it on the fact that I am dyslexic but, as true as that may be, the real reason behind my writing form or lack thereof is quite honestly the same reason I resisted being a b-word in the first place . . .blogger I mean not b-otch (the reasons for that may be far more profound). Really, my life is crazy busy so I didn’t think I would have time to blog.  We will see.  Bottom line is if you are offended by a lack of perfect verbage you may not want to be a regular here at my blog.

So it seems that people that blog tend to share a load of personal information about themselves on their blogs . . . sometimes embarrassingly so. I always wondered why that happens.  I guess, if I qualify to have  an opinion (now that I have a case study of one blog post) is that I guess it just happens . . since it appears that on my very first post I divulged two pretty personal details about myself!  I’ll try not to let that happen too often.  

Anyway another thing I notice on blogs is that alot of people sign their blogs with some cutesy little catch phrase or famous quote.  I’m not going to do that but I am going to do something for myself.  I am going to end my posts with something I am grateful for (there I go, I think I just dangled something there in that sentence didn’t I?). Anyway I think gratitude is a great feeling and if I am going to post,  I am going to do something for myself every time I do it.  That is, I am going to write something I am grateful for (whoops there it is again).

So I must start by saying I am being grateful for John. He is a good guy and after 13 years  I think I will keep him:).