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Tony Robbins at HALF Price

Posted on 12/22/09 1 Comment

Okay, by now you guys know that I am a big Tony Robbins fan. I have been for years. I started listening to him back in

Hard to pick a photo to symbolize a Tony Robbins workshop but I chose this one which made me think of joy, freedom and peace.
Hard to pick a photo to symbolize a Tony Robbins workshop, but I chose this one which made me think of joy, freedom and peace.

my pharmaceutical sales days in the ’80’s. I am ashamed to admit I stopped getting his tapes when his first marriage ended. I lost a bit of respect for his input on relationships when he couldn’t hold one together himself. I know how really stupid that is now. Tony is very open about this part of his life and what he learned from the experience.

Anyway, I just found on the next Unleash the Power Within workshop is in Orlando, Florida. I am so grateful for all I learned over my 2 live events with Mr. Robbins I actually plan on “crewing” at this Orlando UPW.  I just found out that there is a live link open now for anyone that wants to go, to bring a friend and take advantage of a buy one, get the second ticket free offer.

Trust me this will change your life. We can all come up with reason why we can’t afford such an event but listen to me when I say, you can’t get this stuff from any tapes (or cds). Live is a must. You will not regret it. I wouldn’t be dedicating all of this time on my blog to his program if I didn’t feel this strongly about it.

Any of you that do decide to go, let me know and maybe we can all hook up for a meal before the event (trust me there will be little time to do it during the event).  To find out more about UPW check out my blog post about it from earlier this year

Don’t think too long about the Orlando event. I know it is something no one will regret doing for themselves and you may ‘reason’ your way out of it if you think too long and hard. It really is unlike anything you have ever experienced before. Those of you that have gone to a UPW let me know what you thought of it.

Today I am grateful for all I have learned from Tony Robbins and his staff over the years.

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  1. Joy says:
    Tuesday, December 22, 2009 at 4:09pm

    Susan, I must say, I have never followed or paid particular attention to Tony Robbins (although I certainly know who he is). I have, however, done self-help workshops that are rooted in different genres whether they be martial arts or a firewalking walking weekened I did in April. I found the firewalking weekend to be enlightening, uplifting and helped me to ground myself in so many different aspects of my own life. If that is the type of positive energy you are receiving from Tony Robbins then I would encourage anyone to attend! Thanks for sharing! Joy


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