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Guest Appearance by Me:)

Ok just trying something different here for a change of pace, let me know what you think! [youtube=]Today I am grateful that I get to go home tomorrow!!! My flight is at 3:15 pm  and I am stoked!

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New Experiences for Traveling Dogs

My dog are country folk. While at home, life is pretty quiet. We walk on our own 28 acres so do not meet up with new dogs. There are few children that come to visit and those that do, are very well behaved.  Almost all dogs that we come across are either at an agility […]

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The Necessity of Failure to Create Great Success

Take a moment to watch this awesome video, it is really revealing. I love it. I especially like what Danica Patrick has to say. “You’re driving your car and you feel freightened a little bit. We bump up against that feeling as much as we can, to try and push that limit further and get […]

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Ain’t No Flying Monkeys Here!

Whoops!  It seems all my honesty about people’s varied reactions at my seminars has some people in Vancouver a little nervous about working with me. I have gotten a couple stressed out emails from people worrying that I am going to be too hard on them. So just to make it clear, I have no […]

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Contacts and Weave Camp

This past weekend I did a Contacts and Weave workshop and we had  an awesome group. It didn’t hurt that 12 of the 14 handlers had been to  multiple camps here at Say Yes at one time or another.  Teaching people that already have a good understanding of the system makes my job a lot […]

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