When the world started to go into lockdown, fellow dog trainer, Kamal Fernandez, had the idea to do a series of video interviews and share them with the world. In Kamal’s words “A rising tide lifts all ships, and we are very much in this together. If we pull together and we collectively share ideas, hopefully everybody can come through this”.

I was honoured to be interviewed by Kamal, as he is a great friend, long time student and all-round good guy. The topic of our conversation centred on running a dog training business and the video is below for you.


You can follow along with Kamal’s “Lifting All Ships” video series on his Facebook page.

If you are dog trainer, or a trainer or coach in any field who has been running classes locally, I want to encourage you to take your training online. When I started my first online dog training program over a decade ago, I was told it could never be done! I started through necessity both so I could spend more time at home, and serve my international students better. Be uniquely you, be authentic, and just do it.

It can be daunting, but it does not need to be complicated to start with. As covered in the video chat, currently I’m running an online dog training program that is free to the world, and I welcome you to have all your students join it with you. Home School the Dog is 100% discounted all through the month of April.

The people and dogs we have with us in Home School the Dog are amazing and are going to blow everyone away with what they have achieved when local classes start up again.

Today I am grateful for everyone who is making the world a better place.