Dogs and Firework Celebrations are NOT a great combination, however, there are ways we can help to lessen the trauma experienced by our dogs.

Why Do Fireworks Scare Dogs?

  • They are LOUD and a dog’s sense of hearing is acute!
  • They are unpredictable so they trigger a dog’s flight instinct to get away from danger.
  • They come with massive amounts of light that is way different than anything seen in our dog’s day to day life.

Below is a short film I’ve put together covering “3 Strategies for Detonating Your Dog’s Fireworks Fear”.  This video was co-produced by my friend, Rodney Habib. The accompanying PDF handout is in our free Facebook Group. Everyone is welcome to join and download a copy.

Watch the video below for strategies to help your dog. By being prepared you can avoid anguish, injury and unnecessary destruction. Prepare early. Start today, it’s better to be prepared than to be disappointed.

3 Strategies for Detonating Your Dog’s Fireworks Fear


It is important to note, these 20 approaches included in this short video may not bring overnight success, but be patient, work on helping your dog year-round whether it be Fireworks or Thunderstorms that trigger his fear response. The goal is to make your dog as comfortable as possible, but be strategic, don’t overwhelm your dog with too many at once, allow your dog’s responses to guide your best decisions. Finally for those dogs who are really panicky, consult your veterinarian for the appropriate pharmaceutical intervention.

Thank you for viewing this video, and also for sharing it with your family, friends and colleagues.

Today I’m grateful to everyone who is helping dogs during Fireworks.