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My Embarrassing Secret… I May Be A Jinx!

Ok, I had a big realization today. I have always liked to believe my values, opinions and insights are pretty much aligned with other dog lovers. Today I realized I might actually be marching to the beat of a different drummer… as a matter of fact I may actually be a bit of a jinx!

You see, every year for the past few years we have held little video contests to honour our online students, who work so hard to improve the life of their dog both in and out of the agility ring. I love these contests. I love to watch the stories. I love to watch the transformations. It isn’t about reaching a certain outcome, it is about watching teams grow together.

Swagger - photo by Francisca McDonald

Well, every year I watch these videos, and like you, I vote on my favourites. Here’s my secret. I have grown almost afraid to vote. Actually, when I do, I secretly apologize to the people whom I am voting for. Here’s the reason. It is rare (i.e. it has only happened once), that any video I have ever voted for to actually be one of the top videos of the day.

On the one hand, I am glad, it means there have been some amazing videos. On the other hand, I am getting a bit of a complex about it. I mean, many times the video I vote for comes in last place… which is still amazing since these are our video “finalists”.

So just in case I may have “jinxed” any of these wonderful videos, I decided I would pick four Handling360 videos that I have voted for over the past two years and highlight them today. From each video I have drawn out a “gem”… a lesson I think is worthy of sharing.

Below I’ve posted the videos with a multiple choice quiz under each one. See if you can match the “gem” to the handler.  I will share my thoughts in a couple of days.

Just a tip for you… in case you don’t notice I have planted a fictional “gem” 🙂



The "gem" in Jan's video is:

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The "gem" in Louise's video is:

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The "gem" in Shelly's video is:

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The "gem" in Helen's video is:

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Today I am grateful for the diversity of insights and values across our dog community.


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