Recallers has always had a wonderful community of like-minded dog owners, and Recallers Dogs are recognizable by the games they play and the joy they express. This year, with the opening of our Critical Core (or FREEcallers) to everyone for free, our community has proved to be seriously amazing, and many more dogs are on their way to becoming ‘Recallers Dogs’!

Our Recallers family was excited about FREEcallers opening up, because they wanted everyone to experience the same learning and joy in the program that they have experienced.


We now have 24,973 new Guest Pass holders “playing their way” through our Recallers Critcal Core program. People seeing for themselves the possibilities for their own dogs, when the dog’s education is done through a series of games.

It’s very likely that many of our Recaller “guests” had never heard of Susan Garrett or considered the impact this “free program” could have on their dog prior to joining us. Yet they took a chance and in just one week are seeing an unbelievable transformation begin.

With so many different options around us for dog training, so many opinions to be heard, I thought it would be a good time to re-share this video.

Our Recallers community is made up of both people brand new to our program and those coming back to re-visit our Recallers program. Here are some of the comments from our forum from “FREEcaller”  from people sharing their excitement about all they are learning…

“Thank You Susan for offering this to all of us!!!!!!”

“I love seeing my dog think and that is exactly what is happening. Not only that, but I have more motivation to train every single day, multiple times a day. You have opened up my eyes to what training really is, and my relationship with my dog has never been better.”

“Thank you Susan for “Freecallers” ! I’m hooked and loving it. My two boys are already focusing more on me and every move I make. They never know when it’s coming. Your fun game approach adds that element of surprise and keeps the dogs ‘wanting’ to constantly check in on me’.

“I am really excited to try this out – always so much for me to learn about working with my dogs! Thanks for making this available!”

“I am super excited to have the opportunity to take this course – thank you so much!”

“Thank you so much Susan and the whole Say Yes Team for doing this!”

“Susan is awesome, and Recallers is incredible. On to the game days.”

“For me it was an “aha” effect when listening to the video – thanks a lot Susan!! – you have filled the gap for me between positive reinforcement and what to do when he is misbehaving.”

This week our FREEcallers community has the opportunity to upgrade to carry on their journey with us and take the next step as a full member of our Recallers community. During this week we will continue to offer our FREE Guest Pass to Recallers Critical Core. However, no more “Guest Passes” will be issued after Friday July 17th. Once you are a “Guest” in our Recallers community, we welcome you to stay for many months to come.

I have no idea where our “Guest Pass” program will lead us in the future. However, I do know lives have been changed over this past week with this “FREEcallers” program. New people are now a part of our community and will grow together with their dog from here. I do know it can lead to the most amazing relationships they have ever had with a dog. I also know it can lead to a better life for their dog, a life of less restrictions and more freedom. And I also know that people from all over the world who first came to Recallers, as “curious dog lovers” are now running their own, “reinforcement-based dog training schools”. So who really knows where this journey will lead you!

So yes, lives are changed and I can’t tell you how excited each member of our Say Yes team is to be a part of these transformations. There is still time to join us, or to share your excitement with other dog lovers in your life. If you would like to change the path of dog lovers in your world,  please share our Guest Pass offer before Friday. Who knows where it will lead?

Today I am grateful that TOGETHER, we are changing the world for dogs everywhere.