You have WOWed us!

Over 29,000 dog lovers have received a Recallers Guest Pass to Recallers Critical Core over the past few weeks. What is even more amazing is just how many of you have taken the time to share with us how much you love Recallers Critical Core, the learning, the community, and the transformations you are starting to see.

Recallers Dogs and their people stand out … the joy they have being together is noticeable. Some may even think we are just a little crazy when they see us playing games and laughing with our dogs!


Transformational Journeys

Late last week had our first Live Training session for Recallers and were thrilled that our Guest Pass holders and Recallers alike jumped at the chance to join us! The takeaways from the session were shared with us on our Facebook page … here are just some of their insights:

“Compare what you had yesterday with what you have today. And celebrate!”

“This works! After 3 different training classes (12 weeks total) my dog has learned much more in the last 2 weeks and we are both having fun!”

“My biggest takeaway is that the more fun I can make ‘training’ the better relationship I can have with my dogs. And it’s not just for performance but for just everyday living!”

“Watching the “Wow” game and really seeing how one behaviour really builds onto the next. Being sure to have a good foundation before expecting your dog to do something that he might not be ready for. Train for success!”

“My biggest takeaway after seeing the webinar is a greater appreciation Susan’s training methods. She reminded everyone that her dogs are pets first, agility competitors a distant second. That was a great reminder of putting things into perspective, and why it is so important to build solid foundations with our dogs. These are family pets, and it isn’t worth cutting corners. The real treasure is in the relationship established, which Swagger and Mag did a great job showcasing during the webinar.”

“Arousal! That was my aha moment of the webinar. I definitely need to up my own excitement level when training. I could really see how excited Susan’s dogs got when she was playing with them and they really wanted to play back. Really wonderful!”

“Don’t try to put the roof on your training “house” before you have the foundation in place!”

“Patience! Susan’s work with the pointer showed me that I get impatient and give up too easily. I don’t get thrilled in the small steps forward with my dog.”

“The fabulous focus your dog’s have is not because of your teaching them a focus cue, but because of all the games you play with them!”

“Compare my dog today to the dog she was yesterday instead of comparing her to dogs like Swagger or Momentum! “

“Demonstrating the difference between celebrating “wins” with a puppy and removing reward for “mistakes” – the reality of what that looks like.”

“I think it’s great that I don’t have to use a different training method for each dog! Easy peasy!”

“It is all about fun and loving your dog.”

If you missed the Live Training Session, don’t worry, the RePlay is available within Recallers until tonight (Monday July 20th) at midnight for our Guests (and for the next 12 months for our members).

As we move towards rolling out the rest of our transformational games it is a good time to revisit a video from some time ago … to honour the many stores of success that have been shared with us by our Recallers family.


Recallers registration is filling quickly as our community is keen to start. We have Recallers Full Membership Upgrades available now, but only until the rest of today…that is midnight tonight, Monday July 20th, we close registrations and get to the FUN business of coaching our latest group of amazing Recallers students!

Today I am grateful for Recallers Dogs world wide, and for the amazing people who love them!