Four years ago I went through an emotional roller coaster when I decided to breed Feature. It wasn’t just pulling her out of competition for months, or worrying about the potential health risks during a pregnancy or all of the work that goes into raising a singleton.

It was a combination of all of the above.

Even though the breeding resulted in my amazing, talented and handsome dog “Swagger”, when I was asked if I would ever breed her again, I confidently said “NO WAY!” It was w-a-y to stressful for me!

Well here I am four years and one month later to share with you all that the old adage “never say never” is a good one.

As Feature is once again a mother and Swagger now has seven…yes that is correct seven new (half) siblings. And I am in love with each and everyone of them.


As I said that last time I bred Feature, I do not want to be a breeder. There is so much to know, it is a such an investment of your time to do it properly. Then why did I do what I said I would “never do again”? I did it because I just adore Feature and to keep her line going here in North American I had to have another litter.

It just so happens that the sire of this litter is also a very special dog… and not just because he is handsome and athletic :). He is also a half brother to my special girlie “Encore” AND grandson to John’s past dog “Quid” AND back in his pedigree are all four grandparents from my very first talented Border Collie “Stoni!”

Since the baby daddy is a black & white dog the litter produced 4 reds and 3 blacks. We have 2 red females, 2 blacks females, 2 red males and 1 black male. A lovely collection and assortment. I decided the theme of this litter was going to be talented Canadian athletes.

The girls are:

  1. JJ
  2. Sinclair
  3. Genie (aka “Devlyn”…she already has a nickname…long story!).
  4. Wicken

The boys are:

  1. Bobby
  2. Elvis
  3. Wiggins

Can you name the person and the sport each of these puppies are named after? I will give you a hint each puppy represents a different sport!

I am excited to see these 7 special souls grow up. I am excited to be keeping one of them for my very own and I am excited for the new twists I will be putting on my puppy training! Yep, “Puppy Peaks” is about to get just a little more interesting :).


Today I am so grateful for the safe and relatively easy delivery of a healthy and thriving litter of puppies and a happy and healthy mama dog. Happy to report Feature is now being a champion mother. 🙂

*Addition note: For those who have been asking. Here is a video of the “baby daddy” two year old “Sense” running at a UKI trial. Sense is pretty new to trialling in agility as his owner is a very busy lady studying to be a chiropractor and getting ready for her wedding but what an amazing team they make! Love him.