10636303_10154974912695494_6886646217612652548_nLast Friday was a very special day for me. I had New York Times best selling author Michael Hyatt “in da house.” You see, Michael and I have a common friend who told Michael about the setup we use to do our coaching calls each month for our online students. So, Michael asked if he could fly up and have our team run one for him (he loved it and plans on doing it again 🙂 .

I thought I would turn my awesome good fortune into yours, so I asked Michael if he would do a brief interview focused on his specialty, “goal setting”, and my specialty, “dog training.”

I can’t tell you what an impact Michael’s course “Five Days to Your Best Year Ever” has direct and indirectly, already made on me. In all my years of setting goals, I have never gone through a process like this one before. Sitting down and listing out your own limiting beliefs is an eye opener.

Can you tell I am excited about this course?

This is my third blog post on “goal setting” this year. You may notice I have never promoted anyone else’s online class on my blog before…even though I get at least a dozen requests a year to do so.

But this course is different. I am sharing it with each of you now for two reasons. First of all, as Michael says in this interview, “people who set goals are happier than those who don’t” and who amongst us doesn’t want to be happier? My other reason was that I wanted to go  through his course for myself, and I thought I could invite other dog owners to join me and we could all do it together…help each-other to stay on course, be accountable. So that is why I agreed to be affiliated with  “Five Days to Your Best Year Ever.

For me personally, the “Evernote” “bonus” that he gives with the course is worth the price of the course itself (I LOVE Evernote…which if you don’t already use you can get free btw). Click here to get Evernote! 

What I didn’t realize was the difference it makes having a “community” be involved through the process…a first for me again! You see I set up a Facebook group for people for THIS community (our dog loving one) so we could share ideas and keep each other motivated during the process. So far there are about 100 of us in there …and I am pleasantly surprised to be learning as much as I am sharing!

Our little Facebook group has been active as we are all setting goals here at the goals training coverbeginning of this year. It should get quieter as we move on but I will be checking in on everyone once a month to make sure the motivation is still high to either continue on or, if there has been any steps backward to re-commit to goals.  At the end of the month, once people have had a chance to work through Michael’s course, and focus upon what is important to them this year, I will be sharing two ebooks with our little “goal setting” Facebook group.

At some point I imagine “dog training” will be a goal for everyone this year so I have an eBook that I use to set up my own dog training goals each year. It doesn’t matter if I am starting with a new puppy or I am re-establishing training goals with one of my older dogs, I review, refresh, and get re-charged every year using this process.

goals trialing coverFor those people that will be competing in dog sports this year, I am putting the final touches on an ebook sharing my Competition goal setting process…which of course I will be sharing with our Facebook “goal setting” group as well. It won’t matter if you will be competing in agility, obedience or any other sport… this process will apply. Obviously if this has helped me to win National and World Championships it will likely even help those in sports other than dog sports 🙂 …although I wrote it for dog sports in particular.

Check out Michael Hyatt’s Five Days to Your Best Year Ever and if you can see yourself designing your next year with intention, then once you have joined Michael’s course fill out this survey so we can add you to our little Facebook group. It doesn’t matter what “level” you join on Michael’s course…although I myself signed up for the “full year of coaching” (because I look forward to the extra motivation at key times throughout the year)…just signing up for any level of BYE will automatically make you eligible to join our “dog training focused” Facebook Group.

Setting goals gives you long-term vision and short-term motivation. It focuses your acquisition of knowledge, and helps you to organize your time and your resources so that you can make the very most of your life. If “goal setting” hasn’t been your thing in the past, I suggest you at least take time to think about 2015. When you start 2016 and look back at your past year…what do you want to see?

That is what goal setting is in a nutshell…painting your own picture of the future so that when you get to that point and look back, the picture you are looking at is something YOU created with intention… rather than something you were driven to by the priorities of others.

Today I am really grateful for our “Say Yes to Your Best Year Ever” Facebook group. I love how the diversified talents of so many can pitch in to create something even I had no idea could be so fantastic.