One of the most common faults on the agility field today is knocked bars. And it makes sense since….there are more jumps then any other obstacle out there. There are several “Jumping Gurus” out there with structured, methodical programs to help teach dogs to jump. I think those programs are terrific, they lay down a fantastic foundation.

The thing is, I know once people put the work in with these programs to “teach” their dogs to jump …they still get knocked bars in the agility ring.

Then what?

Typically the dog gets told to “lie down” or maybe picked up and given the “walk of shame” out of the agility ring. That approach is punishing the dogs for knocking the bar…are you entirely happy with the results this is bringing you?

Are you ready to try something new?

IMG_9684Tonight, I will be doing a live online coaching session with students in my Handling360 class. During these sessions, I typically answer their questions and share some insights into the training that I am doing with my own dogs. Tonight, we are opening up this session for ANYONE to sit in on…for free!

If you have an interest in helping grow your dog’s understanding with your own jump training then tonight’s session will be particularly interesting as I share my “Knocked Bar Success Protocol”.

I know it sounds weird … “knocked-bar-success” …you may be thinking “my dog already has success knocking bars!”

This is a “dog training” element that will bring more success to any jump program you are currently using. It will all become much clearer during tonight’s live session.

Too often people’s solutions to challenges, are more repetitions. The problem with that is if the understanding isn’t there for the dog…all of those repetitions are repeating WHAT for the dog?
The old adage “Practice makes perfect” is about as accurate as “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” Both are flawed thinking.Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 2.22.31 PM

It isn’t “practice” that makes “perfect” it is practicing brilliance that leads to the success we want for our dogs. We need to make sure that what we are practicing will lead to more understanding for the dog..otherwise we are all like dogs chasing our tails!

We will dig deeper into this in tonight’s call. You will need to register in order to join us.

[Registration Page] Susan Garrett’s Live Online Coaching Session

Today I am grateful for the amazing attitude our Handling360 students are showing towards learning. Just this week we have had two handlers sign up who, between them, have nine USDAA and AKC National Championship wins and have represented the USA seven times at world championship events. This is what I received in a recent email from one of them “I am extremely excited to embrace it all. Will be happy to walk away (from what I know) and start fresh with foundations from the ground up 🙂 “