Have you ever watched “The Voice” or one of those other singing contest TV shows? My favourite part of the show is waiting to see if the person I voted for makes it to the next round…as the series continues, each week grows more and more exciting…it really draws me in. Then comes the finale…I admit part of me doesn’t think it’s quite fair… that even though each singer is utterly amazing, sadly there can only be one winner.


This video contest has been a little bit like that, except we have FIVE winners. The biggest difference between those singing shows and the journeys we have all watched with my students (well aside from the singing 🙂 ) is that each of our contestants really are winners! When you look at transformation each of them have had, and are continuing to have, you can see their agility career and even their life with their dog has been changed.

That is the REAL prize.

However, like  “The Voice”…we want to reward those that YOU have all voted as your favourites…so for those lucky three winners (and two randomly selected ones) we are going to give them an additional year of Handling360 AND their very own Fitbone balance disc from FitPAWS.

Before we announce our winners…I first want to give a shout out to those amazing people over at FitPAWS for being a part of our contest…don’t they totally ROCK?! If you haven’t done so yet, be sure you check out  all their great products on their website!


Today I am grateful for all of my students, both those who had the time to share their journeys with us in these amazing videos and those who prefer to keep their stories private (for now:)). We have the most amazing community of like minded dog loving people who make it a joy for me to do what I do each day. Today I honour each of you. Thank you for being a part of my life!

If you havent yet watched the videos from Day One, Day Two, Day Three, Day Four or The Season Finale…check them out! The votes were so close on the last day…only 10% difference was between first place and sixth place!

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 4.22.43 PM

Ok without further ado (we aren’t even going to cut to a commercial break like they do on “The Voice” before we reveal our winners)…here are your Handling360 Video Contest Champions AND our two randomly drawn winners. Congratulations to …





Tin Eng Tan- Agility Training with Handling360 is enlightening.



Lance McMahon- Agility Training with Handling360 is a return on investment!


Charlotte Rundgren- Agility Training with Handling360 is simply the best!



Randomly Drawn Winner #1- Laura Distefano- 



Randomly Drawn Winner #2: Paola Hoger