Happy new year one and all! I am so excited about 2014. Today I seem to be completely over my health issues from 2013 and we are anxiously looking forward to some very exciting projects for 2014. Later in January we will be opening our first ever on-line handling course and soon after that my latest book  “The Amazing Stays” will be released.

So much happening . . . so much excitement but, I would like to say hello to 2014 by revealing two big surprises right now… 

To begin with, we decided to re-play our most popular video series of 2013. Our Puppy Peaks “Overcoming Struggles in Dog Training.”  Along with the free 3-video series we are also re-opening registrations for Puppy Peaks . . . but only for the first 4 days of the year . . .just for you people who have been asking so nicely. 🙂

Here is the link to watch or re-watch that video series . . . you will see navigating tabs on the top of the page . . . remember you only have until this Saturday to watch this series (or re-watch it for those who have already seen it once) and to join us for the next 14 months on “Puppy Peaks”.


And speaking of puppies…

Guess who is now a daddy?

Yes that’s right it is Swagger. I actually had no intention of breeding Swagger (and still don’t) until I wanted a puppy for myself. But a friend of mine who owns a lovely female Border Collie, that I have always adored  . . . worked on me for a few months and finally I agreed to breed Swagger to his lovely bitch Meadow.

Now . . . before anyone gets any ideas I have NO plans of “studding” Swagger out. Seriously, please do not write and ask. The next time Swagger will be bred will be when I want a puppy for myself :). That is why I haven’t said a word about these lovely puppies publicly before now and they are almost 7 weeks old. They will be going to their new homes soon (yes they are all spoken for . . . and although I will co-own 2 of these puppies we won’t be adding a new puppy to our household) and I knew that it wouldn’t be long before   puppy pictures would be posted to my Facebook page so I had to go public about it soon or later. Soooo . . . welcome 2014!

We had a lovely new years eve party as the puppies came here for a sleep over! 

So here are Swagger’s six young offspring (3 girls, 3 boys) . . . and yes although mama was black and white 5 of the puppies are red :).


swagger six2

Today I am grateful for the chance to spend New Years Eve here at home with friends and of course puppies! I am sending out a heartfelt wish to each of you reading this that 2014 will be your best year EVER!