Two years ago I ran a survey where I asked people “what would you most like to learn from Susan Garrett?”  The overwhelming majority of 1316_8437you replied “Handling for Agility.” So I went to work and offered you a focused free mini series and online class on what else? Contact training :).

Earlier this year I ran a similar survey asking the same question “what would you most like to learn from Susan Garrett?”  I don’t think it will come as a big surprise to know what the #1 answer was . . .  wait for it . . .

Yes, it was, once again, agility handling.

This is just an informal announcement to let you all know . . . I finally listened :).

All of us here at Say Yes Dog Training are so excited for what is about to happen. I know I have success in agility in the past but in the last few years it seemed like the complexity and challenge of agility courses was increasing in direct proportion to my age and the speed of my dogs . . . something needed to change. So now the way I  handle my dog in the agility ring is just an evolution of what I was previously doing. The foundation is similar however the biggest change is that as a handler I can stay in motion which allows me to get to places I previously would never have been able to get to before. I can’t wait to share it with each of you . . . it is all happening very, very soon.

Here is a peek into the journey one of my students from Australia. Jo just changed her handling when I was there just 2 months ago . . . wow I love the fun and success she is now having!

Today I am grateful for all the struggles over the past four or five years that lead me to make those necessary changes to my handling.