Those of you who have been tuning in over the last few weeks have heard a lot of talk about my course, the Five Minute Formula for a Brilliant Recall (Recallers).  We’ve gotten a lot of questions, and I promise, they will be answered in due time. 😉   But before registrations open for the next Recallers course, I want to delve a little deeper into how each of you can make a difference to your dog training TODAY.  Any of you getting ready to start Recallers get a jump start on our training philosophy and the rest of you get some tools to improve what needs fixing! It is my belief that our understanding of the what and why behind our training is as important as the training itself.  It opens up doors for us to troubleshoot and work through mistakes in our training sessions; it’s what keeps us moving forward!  That’s where my latest webinar series comes in…

Yesterday, I posted my first webinar, Managing VS. Inspiring Your Dog’s Behaviour,  based on the comments from the more then 3000 people that have already watched, I know you are just going to love it. Here I explain that all behaviour is created or controlled in one of two ways. We all do it, but once you are aware of what you are doing you can massively accelerate your dog’s progress. Watch the webinar, then chime in with your own thoughts or questions in the comment section below!

You can get to the webinar by clicking this link, or by simply copying and pasting the following URL into your browser:

I hope you all enjoy watching as much as I enjoyed making it!  And don’t worry, you haven’t missed out.  Registrations for my Recallers 4.0 course will be opening soon after Part 3 of this webinar series at the end of this month! Today I am grateful for all of the amazing comments left on the first webinar!