It is hard to believe Encore has been home a full week today. She is getting stronger and stronger but sometimes is frustrated by what she can’t yet do. Personally I am thrilled with all she has been able to over come.  I put together this little video of show you some of her successes and struggles. It is hard to know if her frustration is stemming from the fact she wants to do something but can’t or possibly that she believes she is doing what I ask but doesn’t actually recognize she isn’t doing it! I guess there is no really want of knowing but for I am trying to keep her frustration down just in case she believes she her body is doing one thing when it is really doing something else!

We have had a few set backs with her suffering minor “focal seizures” on three consecutive days leading up to a full seizure at 3:30 am on Christmas Eve. Luckily I am a very light sleeper. I got up and our friend Louise and I drove her the 45 minutes to the Emergency clinic. They were nice enough to give us a private room where Encore and I snuggled in on the floor until the neurologist showed up around 8:30. More blood work and a change of meds and she has been much better ever since. We still don’t have a “cause” for all of these health struggles but are still searching for answers.

Long road ahead but I got the best Christmas present ever just having her back home with us.

Today I am grateful for amazing progress Encore has been able to make is such a short time and all of the people and prayers that got us to this place!