Well after the past few months focusing entirely on Feature’s agility Swagger finally got his turn. This weekend I decided to enter a trial north of Toronto. This is Swagger’s first time at a trial in 3 months. I actually only put him back on contacts just over 3 weeks ago. So this trial is more about “seeing where we are at after a long lay off of agility.” Day one is down and so far so good! He qualified in 3 of his 4 classes and ended the day winning round one the Steeplechase!

Yes we still have work to do but I am thrilled with how well Swagger is settling into trialling in new environments.

Today I am grateful for Debra Pearce for jumping in and giving Swagger some body work both at the trail and in the evening in our hotel room. Love having a professional on hand to lend their talents to help my dogs out!

To add onto this post, Swagger went on to win the Grand Prix in his second day of the trials! So proud of the baby boy, what a special weekend.