Well another IFCS World Championships has come and gone. This one a bit different in that it was right here in North America. Unfortunately for me, a week before the event, I threw my back out and was unsure if I would even be able to compete! I missed both days of our team practice and was walking using a cane the day before we left. Gratefully,  John and I had planned (okay I planned and John agreed) that he would drive us the 26 hours to Texas so we could “be at home” in our RV while competing. That allowed me to lay flat on the couch for much of the drive. Still right up until the Grand Prix the day before I really didn’t know how I would be able to function. Luckily for me Feature is an amazing dog and was willing to make up for me. All I had to do was point her in the right direction and go along for the ride.

Here are the videos of our weekend.

Day one. We had to kick things off being the first dog on the line to start the event in individual Snooker! I told myself what a great advantage it was for me to be the first because then I could give myself all the time I needed to warm up my back. Normally in snooker you never know if 15 dogs before means 20 minutes or 5 minutes! It is all about mindset in this game people! You can’t see it from this angle but Feature saved my butt on an unbelievable weave entry in the closing sequence. LOVE 2x2s!!

Here on day two Feature picked up where she left off with an amazing 74 point Gamblers run. She had the most points of any dog in any height class even with me having to send her all the way back out to finish her mini gambles. Good girlie.

Day Three, I think we were both feeling a little stiff. You see, due to all of my work on my on-line projects this was our first trial in 33 days and only our 3rd agility trial since last November! Feature hit the double very hard on day two and I think she was a bit sore today as she had uncharacteristic bars down. Still I couldn’t be prouder of the effort she put in and our great results. I am so grateful for all of our caregivers that help keep Feature and I healthy to get to this level; our chiropractors Dr. Annette Langlois Dr. Leslie Woodcock. Features body expert Carol Smorch and my personal Trainer Russ Logoisse. But of course most of all, Johnnie B, who takes care of all of us!

Here are our day three runs;

Of course for me the greatest outcome of the entire weekend was the fact that my friend, student, Say Yes Instructor, and on-line “Ethel” to my “Lucy” also had an amazing weekend with her super star Sheltie “Favor.” Not only did this great team come in the top 4 of all the individual classes (winning a gold in Jumpers) but they too won the Individual all around World Championship. I wish I had her videos to share but maybe later in the week.

Today I am grateful for our team manager Tracy, her assistants Shona and Gay, my teammates and all of those crazy Canucks that made the trip south to cheer us on. Your support really means a lot to each of us. Hopefully we can get you all over to Europe to a World Championship there next!