On Thursday of this week the Ontario government will be once again voting on the future of “Bully-Type” breeds. Today I wrote a letter to my MPP, I emailed it but also intend on sending a hard copy. I encourage everyone living in Ontario to do the same.

Below is a copy of the letter I wrote.

If you want Breed Specific Legislation removed from Ontario, this is how democracy works for us.

Please write your MPP here: http://bringbackthebulls.com/index.php/messages-sent-to-mpps

Dear Mr. McMeekin

In two days Bill 16, a new bill to replace Bill 132 the Breed Ban legislation against Pitbull-type dog breeds in Ontario will be once again be brought to a vote. As my MPP for Hamilton-Ancaster, I am counting on you to speak on my behalf to eliminate this ineffective and prejudicial piece of legislature.

As a professional dog trainer that travels the world giving lectures on how to shape dog’s behaviour, I can state with a great deal of authority that yes, unfortunately there are a very small percentage of dogs that, often through encouragement from their owners, are made to act aggressively towards humans. Those are specific cases of specific dogs owned by irresponsible people who should be prosecuted.

A Bill such as the one defining the legislation we currently live under does NOT protect Ontario residents from such dogs. Bill 132 unfairly targets ALL dogs of a particular phenotype implying the physical characteristics of a dog is a predictor of the potential threat they pose to humans. This is no more true then suggesting you can detected human assailants by the colour of their skin or shape of their head.

There has been no drop in the number of annual dog bites in Ontario since Bill 132 was introduced in 2005. It is time we dissolve Bill 132 in favor of Bill 16 and move forward. I would love to see Ontario become a world leader introducing effective legislation that prosecutes the true criminals, the thoughtless dog owners that are allowing or even encouraging their dogs to bite other people. I would like to offer my professional expertise as an internationally respected advocate of positive dog training to help contribute in any way I can. I look forward to seeing future progressive legislation that will not punish the “look” of a dog but rather “act” of it’s negligent owner.

Bill 132 needs to be over turned and the proposed Bill 16 make sense as it’s replacement. As an Ancaster resident I am counting on you to be my voice on this critical piece of legislation. I thank you in advance for your reply and I, as well as my 16,000 social media followers, look forward to your reply.

With Best Regards

Susan Garrett
Say Yes Dog Training
Alberton, Ontario

Today I am grateful to all that join such a worthwhile cause, these dogs need a voice, please lend them yours!