Being today is 11/11/11 it seems to be some sort of super-sized Remembrance Day doesn’t it? Last month when we were in France for the world championships, we had one day to do some local touring. We chose to visit Vimy Ridge and the Canadian memorial there. I personally had no immediate relatives that served in the forces (while, my father did a term in the navy but that was before his family), but nonetheless it was a powerful experience and one everyone should taken in if they are ever in France.

Briggs Taylor (on the ground), Feature and Encore Garrett-Blenkey and Tanafon Waters at the Canadian Memorial at Vimy Ridge.

The Canadian Monument.

Some of the names of the 11,285 Canadians who never came home from France.

The trenches where the troops fought and lived; literally a few strides away from their enemy.

Sheep now graze the land between the two enemy trenches. The entire experience was surreal for me.

Today I am grateful for the hundreds of thousands of service men and women, and their families, that made the sacrifices necessary to allow the rest of us to enjoy the lives we do. May they never be forgotten; and also for the families and service people that continue to serve today.