Day 3 of the video contest is upon us, and I’m sure by now, you’ve realized just how difficult our decision was in choosing these videos.  You are a talented group of people, and I am so humbled to see how many lives (both human and dog) have been positively affected!  It warms my heart to see the JOY that exists between so many owners and their dogs!

So, time for the next 4 videos!  Remember, you can still vote for the videos from Day 1 and Day 2, so go cast your vote now if you haven’t already!

Now, let’s review our prizes!  We will be choosing 5 winners from the 4 days of voting, and each winner will receive a prize pack full of Susan’s Favourite Things!

The “Susan’s Favourite Things” Gift Pack contains:

1) A custom made leather braided 5′ leash with a matching martindale collar (as shown off by my 3 dogs) in the photo below from . . . you pick the colours to compliment your dog – love, love, love these leash & collars:).

2) An electronic beeping “Hit-it” board (as demonstrated by Swagger below) and a “Squiggle-It” compliments of (retail value  $150). In addition to this great prize the Hit-It Board people are giving each of you readers the chance to buy your own Hit it board at a discount. Just use the discount coupon SYHIB10 when you check out at their website, how cool is THAT?

3) $100 gift certificate from In the photo below with Feature, I am wearing an iPup jacket and bamboo pants (with the reflective “Just Run”) from Itzyu. I totally love how this clothes fits and wears:

iPup Jacket

4) Plus from Say Yes Dog Training a $100 gift certificate to any on-line or off line course that I offer.

Below are today’s videos!  Cast your vote after the 4th video!

1.)  Andrea Zitnik and Ruby

2.)  Teri Martin, Riley, and Stella

3.)  Ruth Raymond

4.)  Sharon Zielasko

Vote for your favorite Day 3 video!

  • Video 1 Andrea (55%, 405 Votes)
  • Video 2 Teri (16%, 114 Votes)
  • Video 3 Ruth (15%, 111 Votes)
  • Video 4 Sharon (14%, 100 Votes)

Total Voters: 730

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Today I am grateful for the people in my Inner Circle or my “IC Peeps” . . . you know who you are. We have been together just for over 6 months and already feels like such a tight knit family, you guys ROCK!