Today I kick off a new 10 day on-line dog training web-fest; I can’t quite come up with a name for it . . . maybe you guys can help. Will it be ClickerDogs Extravaganza? Or SayYes-Fest? Or maybe Do-Land-Palooza? Whadda you got?


Anyway I will be posting a series of webinars that will all wrap up with the re-launch of my 5 Minute Formula to a Brilliant recall or “Recallers” as we affectionately refer to it around here.

The focus of this series is really on games and finding JOY I think it is very sad when I see people playing joylessly with their dogs. They go through the motions of a great dog training game but the passion is not there for either the dog or them!

Sad for everyone because if this is you I know you would want to change the dynmaics of your game playing and I would like to help make that change. The first webinar is about the role of Game Playing. Here is my big reveal. I have tons and tons of different games I play with my dogs, the reason; because I have had so many dog training challenges.

I have owned a number different dogs over the years (and trained many more than I didn’t own). Each of these dogs presented me with new (and sometimes very bizarre challenges). For me, the answer to each of these of my dog training issues has been games; a new challenge means a new game.

So be sure to check out the webinar and start thinking of your next new game. Today I am very grateful for Lynda, Jason, Andrea, John, Gary & Melissa for all of their help allowing me to get all of the idea out of my head and out to all of you! Heres hoping the chattering monkeys lie quietly tonight:).