Stand is Fun!

The Say Yes team has been working overtime preparing for all that is “new.” As I mentioned last week we have a cool new video on teaching how “The Stand is Fun” which is on Facebook and Puppy Peaks. Thank you for all of the positive comments on this video especially for the video clips of as people trying it out and getting the same kind of results I am showing; a pretty terrific “stand” in just 5 minutes of training (yes I will post the written description of this game here on the blog for all of you non Facebook or Puppy Peak people).

Phase One of Our New Website is Complete

Over the next couple of months the crazy hard working peeps at WebManna  will be doing double shifts working on a complete facelift of our clickerdogs website. For now, we have a “phase one” in place (special thanks to Bill at Whistler Web Design for speedy work helping us get this done in double time!) Some new pictures added (yes finally Swagger makes an appearance on the clickerdogs site), cool new layout and I re-wrote the front page, here is the intro;

 Effective puppy training and dog obedience training should be fun for both the dog and the human! Imagine if you could create the dog of your dreams simply by “playing” with your dog every day!

Remember, this is only phase one! Andrea and Jason have a load of exciting surprises in store with this new website, I am w-a-y excited. It has been long overdue and this site is going to R-O-C-K the house.

Uber Cool New E-Book

The latest thing for us to roll out is a brand new e-book. I am very proud of  “On Being a Good Dog Training Student.”   It is a compilation of articles I presented in a series exclusively for my newsletter subscribers over the past year.  I received many glowing emails on this series when I ran it, so I thought it would make a terrific e-book. Originally our plan was to sell it but then I thought, heck lets to give it away as a gift! Christmas is coming isn’t it?

So it was meant to be gift, exclusive for my newsletter subscribers. But alas, I now have reason number 153 why Susan should leave technology up to the qualified geeks. I screwed up and somehow this e-book was made accessible to a whole lot more people than just those on my Newsletter list.

As you can see in this “Screen capture” of a report from my newsletter provider the ebook has gone viral;

some how, it has downloaded by more than 32,000 people over the past 48 hours! I guess “free” really is “good!”

So the good news is that the “special gift” I had for my Newsletter Subscribers has now been received by many more than I had originally thought it would reach. I did laugh at my error because at the end of the day, my ultimate goal is to have dogs everywhere be better understood by their owners and if 32,000+ dog owners get a better view of how to get the most out of their next dog training lesson, life is good from where I am sitting!

However the geek error has been corrected so, now this ebook is really only available to my newsletter subscribers and any future “gifts” I give away will be handled by one more qualified so errors like that one won’t happen again!  If you are not yet a subscriber you can sign up with the form on the right hand side of this blog post and you will instantly have access to the ebook as well!

Webinar Series Next Week!

Next up, a brand new webinar dog training series is about to kick off next week. First webinar will be released next Monday. Just to give you an idea of what is upcoming, below is the last webinar in a series I released earlier this year. It is 23 minutes of pure dog training info, so grab a cup of your favourite brew, a note pad, pen and settle in. More to come so watch your newsletters as we kick off the release of Recallers 3.0, coming soon!

Today I am so grateful for my very qualified staff of geeks and dog trainers alike who share my vision of wanting to better the lives of dogs everywhere. Today a special shout out goes to Sarah Novak for doing yet another amazing job on my new ebook, yeah Sarah!