Okay, so if you don’t like cliffhangers, maybe you shouldn’t read today’s blog:). The first “leave ’em hanging” video I am going to show you is a new one I just posted to my Facebook Page. It is a two parter – here is part one, in order to see part two you have to log onto my Facebook page and hit the “Like” button.

But just so I am not a complete meanie, let me share with you a video from someone on Facebook that did watch the “part two” tutorial and later the same day taught her 9 year old Rottie how to do it. It was so easy she could teach it in just two short training sessions, how cool is THAT?

And how cool is Vikka, the tailed up Rottie?

Cliff hanger number two.

This is a leads me to this video cliff hanger for a Puppy Peaks segment (I told you these were cliffhangers!) Swagger has given me new challenges. A recent one was the way he sits in anticipation of something he really wants. We affectionally refer to it as a “Vulture” sit. I don’t have a picture of him doing it because I fixed it, but here is a shot of one of my student’s dogs who shall remain nameless to protect his innocence.

He is very cute though isn’t he:).

Okay here is your second cliffhanger video.

In the above frozen video clip you can see the difference in Swagger’s old sitting position and his new one. Love it!

The solution to the problem, you got it, can be found  on Puppy Peaks which by the way will also have a full video of the teaching of the “Stand” as well.

Which leads me to cliffhanger number three . . . which isn’t a cliffhanger at all, but it could be if you wanted to make it that way:).

This was a very tricky jumpers course from the USDAA Nationals held in Louisville, Kentucky a couple of weeks ago. Many off courses on this one and many places to get those off courses actually. I tricky little course indeed. So how would you handle it?

The cliffhanger here would be not ever knowing how to handle it. If you want to be kept in suspense, don’t watch this next video of Encore and I running the course because we did pretty well:).

Okay so really only one cliffhanger and it isn’t even a cliff hanger if you subscribe to PuppyPeaks. Today I am grateful for all of the people that volunteered pictures of their vulturing dogs for my video. I am not sure that you can take a bird name and make it a verb but I just did so I guess you can if you own a blog.