Well judging from the name of this blog post it could either be about my puppy or about me strutting my stuff on a night on the town somewhere. The video will clarify anything the pictures don’t. This is all about my boy Swag.

Mr. Swagger is growing up so nicely, I am absolutely crazy about him, but he has certainly caused a few struggles for me. Challenges in dog training are such a peculiar thing. So many people want an “easy” dog but the truth is with challenge comes knowledge. The challenges make us better dog owners for this dog and our future dogs.


For some reason “struggles” in dog training has been on my brain for a while. When this sort of thing happens I take it as a sign that I need to share what I am thinking . . . and it often is what drives the topics on this blog.

But this time around I went bigger. I decided to do a “webinar” about struggles in dog training. But then that went “bigger”. Talking about struggles turned out to be enough information for a stand alone DVD (haven’t released a DVD in a while have I?).

Free Cutting Edge Training

But in the end my goal in life is always to help as many people with their dog training as I can. To meet that goal means I am committed to continually pushing that “free line” and making cutting edge dog training information available to everyone. So this webinar series will be available to all for free, at least for the next 10 days..

That doesn’t mean my latest series of webinars won’t end up in a DVD somewhere some day, it just means it is currently available to all who register to watch. I really intended to include the video below in these webinars but in the end they were just too big!

As you can see from these clips Swagger is a handful around the house. He really doesn’t sleep a lot but he can entertain himself and makes no fuss about being put in a crate or an ex-pen. Recording most of our training sessions for my latest project “Puppy Peaks” means that Swagger does get worked very regularly. Which is a good thing considering his activity level!

To see more of Swagger and me shaping my 15 year old boy “Buzzy” be certain you check out my latest webinar series at www.puppypeaks.com

Today I am grateful for the amazing community of “Peakers” we already have inside the PuppyPeaks website. Any of you reading this give a shout out and let everyone know one thing you like about what you see so far.