Thank You

I am grateful and excited that so many of you are going to be on the PuppyPeaks journey with Swagger and I.  First I am excited because I am looking forward to showing off the Swagamuffin. Doesn’t every proud momma want her puppy to be the center of attention? Second, to be able to share my thoughts and ideas on Swaggervision is going to be fun and rewarding. People have asked me “don’t you feel any extra pressure knowing the world is watching him grow?”.

The answer is a resounding “no,” for two reasons. 1) I look at it as no different than when I wrote the monthly column “What’s the Buzz” when Buzz was growing up. I know people may judge what they see but that is their journey not mine. 2). I know that Swagger is going to help so many people and dogs I don’t even think about “putting myself out there.”


Knowing you are on the journey with me influences my training more than I thought. While very little of the methodology will change, I do feel an added responsibility to you as viewers to have my training methods be more visible.  By that I mean, I need to be mindful of your view, the angle of the camera to see Swagger and me.

Swagger won’t be on view 24/7 but I wonder what the impact will be on him?  He certainly won’t be camera shy! I am certain he will be a great benefactor as I focus even more intently to create a puppy that has a balanced training program.   Thought not even close in scale, this program reminds me of  Jim Carrey in The Truman Show

Even though I have been super busy with seminars and webinars and training and courses, and agility events and travel, I appreciate the moments to stop and reflect and appreciate.


I’ve done some introspection while working on the training videos with Swagger for PuppyPeaks.  Maybe you could answer these for yourself for fun.

  1. If a camera was on me 24/7, would it change how I act?
  2. If a camera was on me while I trained my dog(s), would it change what I do/say?
  3. How do you properly thank the person holding the camera? 😉

Ok that last one was just silly.   I look forward to your comments and to sharing my journey with so many wonderful people.

Today I am grateful for technology, and the way it transforms my life.