Okay today is the day. My first ever no charge live webinar. I know we are just about at capacity in the 8:30 pm call so if you are interested in hearing about the Say Yes foundation program please don’t sit on this because I will not be making this webinar available for public viewing after today.

The link to register once again is http://www.puppypeaks.com/sq/6012-join-the-live-webinar

Today is day 2 of our CKC team practice and the courses are kicking our butts. Lots of work to do between now and September that is for sure! Also enlightening for me is the fact that my dogs are not in the best of shape with me spending more time at the computer and with Swagger man.

All things will be changed!

Today I am grateful for the chance to get input on things I need to brush up on for worlds in September.