Here  is something I often hear when I am on the road;  “I would love to take one of your workshops Susan but I can’t afford to travel” or “I can’t afford the high prices to get in”. So this Thursday you CAN attend one of my seminars and you don’t have to worry about travelling or the cost.

That is because this Thursday I am going to be doing something I have never done before. I am planning an on line webinar where I will present a mini seminar and answer as many of your questions as possible. Aside from all the great stuff I plan on sharing with you, the best news of all is that it will be no charge to anyone that wants to attend.

And if that doesn’t make it easy enough for you to sit in, we have actually gone one step further and are going to repeat this webinar twice, to accommodate those of you in different time zones (okay maybe I am spoiling you now).

This will be a slice of my foundation training. The obvious thing to say is “that would be great if I had a puppy” but let me remind you the root of all greatness lies in foundation. It is never to teach an “old dog new tricks.”

If you are interesteding learning;

1)What is Susan Garrett’s top ten list for behaviours she must teach her dog prior to dog sports or

2) What are the 5 biggest tips I could give anyone to improve their dog training instantly

. . . well, you will want to attend. That is just a sampling of what I intend on talking about. I won’t be making this webinar available after Thursday (like I have in the past) except to people in my Inner Circle Coaching Group. So if improving your dog’s home life while making a difference in his competition skills is of interest to you, you will want to make attending one of these webinars a priority for yourself this Thursday.

Click this link to get access, you will have to register because once we have reached reached our band width limit, we won’t be able to allow more in on the webinar.

I promise  it will be a blast.

Please pick only one time slot when your register so that we may accommodate as many people as possible. I promise, it will be a blast (oh and I am giving a sneak peek at my next on line program).

In case the above link doesn’t work, here is the url where you can register:

Today I am grateful that our CKC team will all be getting together for practice here at Say Yes tomorrow. Will be so much fun