John Cullen is a great resource. I know I have mentioned him a several times over this past year but if you haven’t checked out his blog you really should click here and do so. While you are there sign up to his mailing list. By signing up not only will you get info directly from him when he is ready to launch his new mental prep program, but you get access to this really cool diagnostic questionnaire that he put together to help his private clients discover more about themselves.

So after I filled out the questionnaire myself I asked John about it. Here is what he had to say;

Questionnaires like this one are often used in sport psychology consultation to determine the strengths and weaknesses in your psychological skills. This particular questionnaire will provide an overall score for your psychological skills and also measures the following specific characteristics:

* Ability to cope with adversity

* Peaking while under pressure

* Goal setting and mental preparation

* Concentration skills

* Freedom from worry

* Confidence in one’s self

* Coachability

While your psychological skills are only one part of the success equation, they allow you perform up to your potential and give you the edge over your competition. Once you understand where your strengths lie and your weaknesses hide, you can begin developing performance strategies to emphasize your strong psychological characteristics while you work on improving your weaker ones. Athletes will benefit just by completing this questionnaire because it directs them to pay attention to how they respond to challenges in their sport environment. Awareness is the first step in improvement.

Great insight. I have asked John to do a guest blog for me here,  I am hoping he can put something together for us all this week.  Cool stuff. And speaking of cool you just have to check out this presentation John has on his Youtube sight. Take notes, I learned tons, I know you will to.

Awesome stuff, to quote a friend of mine, a double dose of awesome sauce. This is the passage that struck a chord with me;

“There is no room for fear in peak performance. There are no worries of what happens if you make the wrong decision or if you fail to execute your move. You are aggressive, you go for it, you make it happen. It is the difference between playing not to lose and playing to win”

What about you, have you ever experienced peak performance? Yes? No? I don’t know? If so how often do you think you can count on it? Is it 10% of the time or more like 80% of the time? Can you predict it? Can you walk in with the feeling like;  “I am so going to nail this one” or is it more like “crap I hope I don’t embarrass myself too badly today”?

Today I am grateful for the wonderful group of seminar goers here in Arizona, I always made to feel very welcome here.