So last week a few of my students got together here for a Say Yes “holiday.” I have to quote “holiday” since for many of you,  it wouldn’t be your idea of a “holiday.” We had my favourite Scottish born fitness guru come to kick our butts with twice a day workouts (including our cardio stint before each work out it amounted to about 90 minutes of high energy f-u-n each session).

In addition we tried to get in one other “fitness” activity each day like a wilderness walk or some agility training or both.  Friday night we ended our week with a “cheat” night that included baking homemade cookies . . . big yum!

The sessions with Jill where both fun and way challenging. As far as fitness goes, I would put myself in the middle of the pack, not as fit some of the girls there but no slouch either. However mid way through the week I was the only one not complaining about sore stiff muscles.

Weird eh? I will probably pay the price when the others girls read this blog but at one point two of them had to walk up and down the stairs in the house backwards because their legs were so sore. Most where popping some sort of aspirin or other pain killer (in their defence –one or two of them came in with sore backs).

I am not writing all of this to brag on my extraordinarily amazing physique, because, quite honestly with this e-course I have been running this past month, my own workouts have been sporadic at best. But I found my lack of sore muscles fascinating — my purpose here is to speculate — possibly educate.

Why was it that I was the only one not complaining about stiff muscles? To be honest there was one day my butt muscles felt tight but never that “do-not-touch-me-anywhere-sore” like I used to get when I worked out regularly a few years ago — but slightly tight — like finally I could feel something.

I can tell my lack of stiffness  wasn’t because I prepared by for all of this with twice a day workouts for weeks leading up to this seven day extravaganza. Was it because I wasn’t playing full out and the rest of them were? I doubt it, thats not my style.

Check out the video I put together and give me your opinion. Tomorrow I will share mine — all speculation really but interesting to me.


Today I am grateful to Jill for creating an atmosphere conducive to belly laughs and hard work all around.