Today’s post is all about patience and all of the places we need it in dog training/agility. I have never thought of myself as a particularly patient person however I do recognize the importance for such a virtue while training.  Here are a few areas I see patience important to each of us.

*Lets start with patience with the recent software whoas we are having with our recaller membership site. 🙂 I have been told  our e-lesson 10 will be up by Friday morning — by hook or by crook.  In addition all recallers please be on the look out for an email that is signing you up to your specific “level” in the recaller e-course. Don’t worry if you are going to upgrade later, we will move you when you do.

*Patience waiting for our puppies to grow up before we start training with age appropriate equipment or skills.

*Patience when executing rear crosses in agility because if we are in too much of a hurry we end up stalling out and taking speed away from our dogs.

*Patience in shaping– allow our dog’s to fail without jumping in to “help” them or make it easier for the dog.

*Patience with our family and friends as they try to understand why we want to spend so much time training our dogs.

*Patience with ourselves when we stumble and may feel like we will never “get it!”

*Patience with our fellow competitors who may choose to do things differently than you do.

Okay, your turn. Please add to my list of things where “patience” is a great asset in dog training.

Today I am grateful for a brand new internet connection here at home that takes my download speed from a whopping 0.67 Mb/s to 5.5 Mb/s. Whooo hooo!  No more trips to Starbucks to upload video for the e-course:).