We will be leaving for the Canadian National Agility Championships next Wednesday AM so the countdown begins. Five days out so I have to squeeze in some training between the rest of my life.

Today’s to do list:

Morning work out (I have been naughty and not as regular as I should (only once in the past 5 days)  so it is now a must do!)

Lunch with an old school chum. Not that she is old, being the same age as me, that would be impossible, but because we became the best of friends in grade 5. Always nice to catch up with old friends.

Errands running around town blah, blah, blah (times like this I realize how much I would love a PA).

Flashback to Feature's early jump grids. Not much has changed, just removing the bumps

Upload new videos for Brilliant recalls course.

Jump Grids with the girls. My plan includes balancing grids as well as distance grids.

Contact reinforcing with the girls. With so many trials in the past 8 weeks it is time to put some money back in the good contact performance bank account! Chicken necks are the high value reward of choice!

This week really is just about reminding my dogs of their jobs. I will brush up on some gambles this weekend (as I haven’t trained them since May) and be ready to head out to Calgary on Wednesday morning.

That is my plan, now lets hope nothing pops up to take me off course!

Today I am grateful for clear skies and a drop in the humidity around here!