Well Canada Cup is rolling around again. Sadly entries are down again this year and it looks like this may be our last Canada Cup ever. Susan and Adrian Royakkers work so hard during the year to fundraise the prize money to host this awesome event, it has been frustrating that each year enteries are lower not higher. The closing date is supposed to be today but I appealed to Susan to leave it open so I could try and get some of you to join us at, possibly the last, Canada Cup event.

The venue is just beautiful. And like this past weekend trialling at Royackers, if the weather gets really miserable we move the trial into their gorgeous new indoor facility. So all of you fair weather trialers there is no excuse not to come!  Last year every exhibitor that entered won a prize . . . and the prizes are amazing.  One year I won a brand new tunnel, last year a full size tent! And that isn’t even the prize for placing or winning a class—that is all CASH-O-LA!

And if that doesn’t convince you to make the trip, let me tell you no up contacts are judged and your dog really has to sky rocket before you will be called for a fly off on the seesaw (as long as the board is horizontal at Canada Cup it is not considered a seesaw flyoff). Personally, I would still like my dogs to maintain the criteria I have taught them so you won’t see my dogs doing any flying double flips off the seesaw . . . but the option is there for those that may choose it!

All dogs jump in their measured jump height and in addition to the main Canada Cup event there is also a Snookers Challenge, a Jumpers Challenge, a Steeplechase Challenge to add to potential prize money your pocket.

Camping at this beautiful venue is absolutely free, but there are hotels near by and Toronto airport is not more than an hour a way for anyone wishing to fly in.  Check out my last year’s blog posts on Canada Cup for more details on all the fun, like the big ass monster pond with a seven thousand foot fountain in the middle of it (okay, maybe I am exaggerating just a wee bit on the size of the fountain:)).

Here are a few of my runs at the USDAA Trial for this past weekend that was hosted at Royackers Farms.  Just a beautiful place for a trial. I hope some how some of you can change your plans and try to join us July 16-18 for at least some of the events at Canada Cup. It really would be a shame for all of agility, not just that in Canada, to lose this amazing event.

Today I am grateful for Susan and Adrian for doing their best to keep competitive agility fun and attractive for all.