I did do the draw last week for our two ebook Fundraiser just like I promised, but I completely forgot to tell all of you about it! So yes we do have two lucky people that not only received a great training resource when purchasing our ebook but also have a kickbutt collection of DVDs!

Originally my plan was to just give the prize to two “lucky” numbers — people whose orders fell on those two spots. I didn’t think that was completely random really though and it excluded everyone that purchased after those numbers. Soooo what I did was I took the total number of ebooks ordered right up to and including those last minute folks who paid full price. I went to random.org and plugged the numbers in twice to get two lucky numbers. Then I gave those numbers to my web dude who gave me the orders of the two people that coincided to those numbers.

For those that have been wondering, our baby birds flew the coop earlier this week!

As random a draw as I could do over the internet. The two lucky winners are;

Helen Perryman of Devon England and Sandra Esford of Belleville Ontario, Canada!

Each of these ladies will receive the complete library of every DVD ever produced by Greg Derrett, Susan Salo or myself.

Now the introductory special is over and the draw has been made but if you haven’t bought your copy of “Building the Team Fundraiser ebook,” it is not too late. It is worth every penny of the $29.97 price tag. And yes, the project will continue to be a fundraiser with a couple changes.

Since  the IFCS competition is over I am replacing their portion with giving funds to Interval House, which is woman shelter local to us here at Say Yes. In addition from here on out, any bookkeeping and account expenses (which Say Yes covered for the first two week period) will be taken from the proceeds. So all of the profits from this project will continue to be passed along as long as this ebook is available.

Thank you to everyone that has purchased their copies so far and for those that are doing so in the future:). Today I am thankful to each of you that supported this event especially for all of you kind souls that bought the ebook to pass along to others that could not other wise afford one for themselves.