Wow, the response to the “Building the Team Fundraiser ebook” has been fantastic. Thanks to everyone who has bought so far. I don’t think I mentioned this before but if you want to know “how does Susan Garrett train and handle” this ebook will give a pretty darn good idea!  This IS how I start my young dogs out in jumping (from the time they are 10-12 weeks old). This is how I handle and these are some of foundation games I use to build relationships with my dogs. And yes, as was mentioned in the comment section yesterday we ARE selling it too cheaply that is why on May 17th it is going up to this true retail price of $29.97!

Here are another couple answers to questions that have come it;

Yes, this ebook is completely different from the “Foundation Notes” package that we sell (sold mostly at camps and seminars). Although the Foundation Notes are a great resource as well we do not have it available electronically (maybe someday but that would be a massive project:)).  There are 20 full articles in this ebook totally over 60 pages. The only duplication is the “Bonus” article I added in at the last minute (“But Its Not a Border Collie”).  That one is in the Foundation Notes, but you will not find any of the other 19 full length articles there

Feature working her grids at 11 weeks of age.

Yes you can go ahead and print out the entire ebook but no it is not legal to share it with others. This is just like a regular book, photocopying any written copywrited document is not legal but worst than that it is not cool and any illegal copies will have a bad karma hex attached to them that I know no body but no body would want to mess with!  BTW if you are printing it out and don’t want to drain your colour ink just set your printer options to “Draft” and it will print with less ink in black and white only (but hey it just isn’t as pretty then is it!).

For those of you that may have hit a glitch when you tried to order yesterday thank you for your patience. Due to the sheer volume of orders coming in all at once some of you had to wait a bit longer for your download. In addition we have made some changes to the process so overseas ordering should be a breeze now.

Today I am grateful for Lynda Orton-Hill who is donating her time working customer service during this ebook launch, for Bill of Whistler Web Design who was up at 3 AM yesterday to make sure everything ran smoothly on our first day and for all of you for posting your awesome comments about the ebook and promoting this project around to your dog training friends.