Its all going down at 12:01 AM tonight! The new “Building the Team Fundraiser ebook” is being unleashed to the world. Remember this is a digital ebook that you download so you will have it on your computer within minutes of buying it . . . no need wait for shipping!

In honor of the big launch I have a few bonuses for everyone starting right now! First of all I have added an additonal kick-ass article to the ebook package. It is a dog training fundamental article focusing on your dog’s states of arousal.  “But It’s Not a Border Collie” is an article I wrote for Clean Run magazine and it is one of my all time favorites from the list of articles I have published to date. I decided to throw it in as well because it contains such a critical piece of the pie where understanding dog training is concerned.


For those who have been wondering the ebook will sell for $29.97 but my other big surprise for you today is that for the next two weeks you get it for a 33% discount. That makes it $19.97 up until May 17th.  Why the big discount? Two reason really. One, I want you to buy now so it is easier for my bookkeeper who has to separate out all of these ebook sales from our regular internet sales. A bit of a headache but because I am giving all of the money from this project to the team it is a necessity–way better to get the majority of the sales out of the way up front.  Next reason for the discount is to reward all of you that keep coming here and writing nice things on my blog on a regular basis. I sincerely thank you for your contributions and if I have helped you in anyway please know that many of your comments have helped not only me but many others who read them here.

Next bonus for the day. To kick of the ebook sales and as a way to prime the pump to both my fellow FCI teammates starting to plan their goal setting for Germany and all of the IFCS competitors heading over to England next week, I put together this video.  My way of thanking you in advance for supporting our teams.

On top of all of those deal sweetners this last one I know will have you all hitting the “buy now” button for sure. For the first time ever, I am offering up this ebook with a money back guarantee. I am so convinced this ebook should be a part of everyone’s dog training library I am offering you the chance to buy the book worry free.  If within 48 hours after you buy it,  you can write me and say “Susan this is a load of crap and I am seriously sorry I put out the twenty bucks to buy it” then I will give you your money back. No questions asked.  All the risk gone, no chance of buyer’s remorse. It really is a no brainer now isn’t it?

Today I am grateful in advance for all of you that are stepping up to buy the new ebook and helping to support our dog agility teams. Now head on over to the website to read more about the new ebook and if it is past 12:01 AM on Monday May the 3rd when you read this . . . buy now!