John and I have stayed over a week here in the UK. We visited with his brothers for a couple of days (this picture was taken in the Yorkshire dales near where John grew up)

Then we had a lovely visit with Feature’s breeders Sharon & David and was joined by Hazel who owns Feature’s littermate “Rocky” shown working with David below.

Sharon and David are in the northern Lake district. We spend the night there, it is so pretty at any time of year but particularly this time with the blooms out (which prompted a hysterical story from David about Sharon’s mother trying to sweep up the blooms then getting frustrated, giving up and moving on to trying to hoover (vacuum) them all up (I hope I don’t get any one in trouble for sharing that tale)).

This morning I got up and played a game of tandem retrieve – – a new one on me.  I kicked the ball and Feature’s mother “Spice” (on the right) and her daughter “Goose” (from a repeat breeding of Feature’s litter) would return it to me together. It was a crack up. Which ever dog got there first, she waited for the other to get a hold of the soccer ball before starting the trip back to me. Way too funny.

Today we headed down to Chester to spend a lazy weekend doing nothing. Three days of nothing . . . I hope I can do it . . .  missing my dogs but catching up on a lot of sleep!

Today I am grateful for this unbelievable  gorgeous summer-like weather we are having here in England.