Another very worthwhile use of my time spending 4 1/2 dayslast week at a Tony Robbins workshop. This time I saw things from a different slant as I was crewing for him. One of over 300 people crewing for a group of over 3500 participants.

The cool thing about crewing is that they put on these little mini workshops for you in the crew room. You can choose to join in on those or pick a crew position that has you spending more time in the room where Tony is lecturing. I did a bit of both. The crew chief was an inspiring leader by the name of Laren Slocum. Lauren is a published author that was recently featured in People magazine. She shared generously with her crew a lot of insight about becoming who your creator intended for you. Here is one of my favorite quotes of hers from the weekend;

“To be the person you are not, is to waste the person who you are.”

I thought of my own staff when I heard this quote. Even though they teach my program with great accuracy, they present their own personalities not trying just to be a miniature “Susan Garretts”. Each of them brings their own talents shining light in a different way on the concepts we present at Say Yes.

Another massive advantage of crewing was the networking of like-minded people. I met some amazing individuals that I am confident will be BFFL. Even trying to describe the magic of the energy in the room with this group does not do it justice. It is something your really have to experience for yourself. I will be sending you a link to another Tony Robbins UPW (Unleash the Power Within) seminar soon. Do what you can to get there, it really is life altering.

If Encore continues her recovery, both girls will be heading to England in May.

 Big news for the week is that sadly one of our IFCS world team dogs is injured so it looks like Feature will be making her World Championships debut representing Canada in her homeland of England.

Today I am grateful for the wonderful hospitality I am experiencing in Italy. I hopped on a plane the last day of Tony’s workshop and flew to Northern Italy to teach. I am having a blast (although the internet situation is tough)-