What a great hockey game on Sunday afternoon eh? Those pesky Americans just wouldn’t go away. With the age and the talent of that US squad I think the future of international hockey in the mens league has now turned the page to become  as close as the women’s game. Lots to learn about watching that hockey tournament. Forgive me for going on about hockey but it is part of our heritage here in Canada and something you are raised to be proud of.  Having all those brothers it was something you also watched every Saturday evening through the winters as I grew up.

But watching the games between the USA and Canada you could see the US team was much more “hungry” in the first meeting than the Canadian squad. The US team was trying to slay the dragon, the goliath. However in the game Sunday, although evident that both teams r-e-a-l-l-l-y wanted to win, there appeared a bit more urgency to the Canadians. It was more a case of fighting for something bigger than just a gold medal. It was the like big brother was trying to take something that didn’t belong to him and do it in front of our home fans!

If you didn’t catch the celebration it occurred throughout our country, it was an amazing party. Even though the game was in Vancouver, B.C, there was a celebratory street party 3000 miles away in downtown Toronto, On. They had to close one of the busiest streets in the city. And that didn’t account for the wild shenanigans that went on here in Alberton!

Watching individual competitor there was a lot to be learned from the US goalie Ryan Miller. I have never seen a calmer competitor. It was inspiring. Being a former goaltender myself I know how easy it is to get caught up in the emotion of the game, but he did not and he played the same cool way throughout the entire tournament.

Yes indeed, that is a custom painted pink goal stick I am sporting; circa late 1980's.

And speaking of inspiring, I don’t know how anyone could have watched Joannie Rochette figure skating performance without tearing up. That was just raw courage. My heart went out for Joannie and I am in awe of the brilliance she demonstrated during that bronze medal Olympic performances.

And what about the Slovenia athlete, Peta Majdic who fell down that 3 m clif and broke her ribs during qualifying but went on to win a bronze medal in cross country skiing. Amazing story of grit, determination and overcoming.

Today I am grateful for the inspiration all of the Olympians gave me while watching their great efforts on the television. My workouts had a little more snap to them over the last few weeks:).