Always the overachiever. This is not a move for everyone, most normal people just do a series of low end bounces to get in shape on a their Cellercise

Last week I wrote about how crazy I am about my rebounder or “Cellerciser.” Many of you jumped (pardon the pun) on board and bought one. I am going to send out an invitiation to you folk to join a newsletter in order for me to send you out some of my routines that I like to do. Make sure you sign up!

Today I thought I would write about why the rest of you shouldn’t just run out and buy one of those less expensive units. You can get a Rebounder for under 50 bucks if you go to your local sport goods store. I know Lynda-OH did that at first. It was her having so much fun exercising on one that prompted me to look into the whole rebounding world in the first place.

I suggested she buy a Cellerciser when I bought one and maybe we could get a discount (my price was going to be $365 without a bar). Lynda was convinced she was happy with her department store model and couldn’t afford one of those fancy units anyway since  after all, it was just a bit of bouncing in the morning. It was Lynda gave me a few tips to get me started on my new unit. In the process of bouncing on mine she said it ruined the experience of bouncing on hers. So her cheaper rebounder became a dog bed and she now has her own Cellerciser! 😀

From what I have read the cheaper model can actually cause nerve damage due to how stiff the bounce is. The physical difference you can see is in the springs themselves.

The heavy duty, frame and tapered springs of the Cellerciser.

The lesser-quality, typical department store unit


The low end models have your normal springs that very quickly bottom out.  The Cellerciser has these fancy springs that are tapered and therefore engage at different levels for different weighted people, thus making sure everyone gets a similar bounce.  Apparently there is also a difference in the mat quality, the metal used, how the springs attach to the frame (and some use simple grometts to attach to the mat). Some units only have 4 legs rather than six that the Cellerciser uses. You can do more research because there are a long list of differences, but the main one is the bounce. The cheaper models jar my lower back while the Cellerciser does not, not even a little bit. So in this case you definitely get what you pay for.

Tomorrow I will write about some of the health benefits associated with this kind of exercising. For me one of the big benefits is even after four months of doing it now, I still just feel like a kid when I hop on. Definitely a great way to start the day.

Today I am grateful new beginnings. Down here in Florida I have brought in a very cute (but 10 -15 lb overweight) rescue Border Collie (actually closely related to Encore). At four years old she needs a new home due to a divorcing family. It has been a while since I have taken in a rescue, but I think I already have a home for this little girl so she will make the trip up to Canada with us next week and start her new beginning. In this case they will be getting something priceless for nothing, so I guess sometimes you do get far more than you pay for:).